STAR EXTRUSION is the flagship company of the STAR GROUP OF COMPANIES having 40years of history, engaged in manufacturing and exporting high quality copper products like Cable Lugs, Copper Earthing rods, Copper flat, Copper bus bars, copper tubes & variety of items for H.T. & L.T. termination.

Recognized STAR EXTRUSION as a company with a tradition of technological innovation, Research of Development and high level engineering support, we provide solutions to customers through at the worth.

Our success stems from a corporate philosophy our customers with the highest quality products at competitives with unparallel service & technical support.

STAR EXTRUSION is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Cable Termination Accessories like Tinned /Untinned copper Terminals Ends, Lugs, Aluminium Lugs, In Line Connectors & Butt Splices etc.

‘STAR EXTRUSION’s range of cable terminal Ends have been designed to meet international standard . This ensures compliance with the demands of worldwide end users like US, British, European, and Australian Electrical Authorities, Contractors, Switch Board panel Builders, Electrical Wholesale Outlets.

STAR EXTRUSION processes total in house right from copper melting stage. Copper melting, billets casting, tubes-sections extrusion, redrawing –finishing tubes i.e. entire process of input metal tubes for lugs is in-house & under own control. Hence, quick delivery and unit price advantage along-with quality product is the key to compete.

STAR EXTRUSION is having total manufacturing facility with the latest atomized/ semi atomized machineries, elaborated tool room, Extensive R & D facility & fully equipped quality control department.

STAR EXTRUSION uses pure copper in copper tubes, sections production which confirms.

Copper specification : 99% IACS, to BS 60171981(1989).

Electro tinned Lugs surface finish confirms : BS 18721984(1984).

The compliance with electrical specification are in accordance with the general requirement’s. Initial/Final Resistance, Tensile “Pull Off” test and Cycling periods, if necessary.

STAR EXTRUSION ‘s range of terminals meet the above specification and refer to the following standards :

Compression joints for copper connections as per :

BS 4579 part I 1970(1988)

Copper Sealing Ferrules as per DIN 46228

Copper Tubular Terminals as per DIN 40500

Copper Tubular Terminals as per DIN 46235